Javier Arizabalo Garcia

  • Born in San Juan de Luz, Spain (1965)

  • Lives and works in Irun, Spain

  • 2015 Exposicion “Otra Realidad”, Dentro Cultural La Vaguada, Madrid.

  • 2012 Centro Cultural AMAIA, Irun (Espana).

  • 2011 Asamblea de Extremadura, Merida (Espana).

Javier started learning drawing and painting from a very young age. For a long time he used his creative skills as a graphic designer, but in 2006 started painting professionally.

He is very focused on technique, as he believes that strong technique is vital when trying to convey the theme and message of a painting. For a time he struggled to really convey his meaning and often combined images and symbols, hoping that they expressed his meaning.

He has found confidence as he has gained more experience of life and now has a strong sense of what he is trying to convey and how he wants to achieve this.

This maturity has led him to a place where he is now freely presenting ideas that truly express his views of the world.

Javier is a genuinely very kind and generous artist. Very hard working artist and a good listener. He always makes the model and the photographer very comfortable so everybody loves working with him. His brushstrokes are amazingly fine.