Emanuele Dascanio

  • Born in Garbagnate Milanese, Italy (1983)

  • Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia

  • 2015 Solo exhibition: Emanuele Dascanio: On threshold of light, Maimeri Foundation.

  • 2014 Group exhibition IV Edition of the “Month of Italian Culture and Language”, YCM-Yacht Club Monaco, Principality of Monaco.

Emanuele is without question the best graphite artist in the world, a reflection of the 50,000 hours it’s estimated he spent during his apprenticeship and his years of experience after. 

Emanuele seeks to explore the world with the curiosity of a child tempered by the experience of a man. His paintings reflect the boundless curiosity and energy Emanuele brings to every day.

The true complexity of Emanuele’s work unfolds when slowly studied, revealing ever more nuanced detail the further his paintings are examined.