Christiane Vleugels

  • Born in Belgium (1963)

  • Lives and works in Belgium

  • 2013 Lieve Lambrecht Galerie, Deinze, Belgium.

  • 2013 Classic Event Kortrijk.

  • 2012 Mixed Emotions, Antwerpen.

Christiane paints her philosophy of life in every painting she does, and it’s instantly visible. Her desire to live each day with energy, her love of living and her unshakable belief that no matter how bad, the universe will provide are all visible within her paintings, never failing to lift a smile from any viewer.

Originally Christiane started with simpler and more romantic paintings, but as she has grown more experienced her works have invited sophisticated dialogues with her viewers about complicated themes like ‘Inner Beauty,’ ‘Alive and Kicking’ and ‘The Kiss.’

Christiane always wants to mother anyone she meets, no matter how old they may be, and this ability to connect with anyone helps her give voice to those who cannot express themselves.

She frequently paints women who have suffered trauma in their life in an attempt to provide healing to those she paints.