Arantzazu Martinez

  • Born in Vitoria, Alava, Spain (1977)

  • Lives and works in Madrid, Spain

  • Permanent collection: Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno (MEAM)

  • 2016/01 – Grand Salon. Salmagundi Club. New York. Group show (GS).

  • 2015/09 – Otra Realidad. La Vaguada. Fundación Arcilla, Madrid.GS

Arantzazu is a classically trained artist, schooled in traditional academic painting techniques of the 19th century. Because of this she is the only Ibex Master to paint from live model – something that leads to very different nuances within her painting compared with the other artists, because she can capture elements like lighting, volume and even temperature in ways the other artists cannot.

Arantzazu’s interested in the issue’s women face and her artwork often features her thoughts on women’s rights.