Antonio Castello Avilleira

  • Born in Madrid, Spain (1972)

  • Lives and works in Madrid, Spain

  • 2013 “Hyperrealism Today” Museu del Tabac, Andorra, Spain.

  • 2012 Permanent Collection, European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), Barcelona Spain.

  • 2009 “Antonio Castello Avilleira, 1995 – 2009” Government of Extremadura.

Known primarily as a painter of hyper-realist fruit compositions, when he turns his abilities to figurative art, Antonio produces works of startling power and emotion.

Preferring to paint in large format, Antonio is constantly experimenting to find new techniques with which to capture texture and create even more life-like images of his subjects.

Very creative and humorous. Very kind and nice personality and versatile.

If he is curious of something he figures out by himself. Always interested in models’ life and he brought models from NY, France and Germany for his masterpiece.